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We’re bringing positive lasting change for survivors

We are a duty bound and data-driven 501(c)(3) organization that believes that we need to END SEXUAL ASSAULT in the U.S. military. 

The G.R.I.T. planner

This planner has been thoughtfully crafted for those who yearn to transform their dreams into reality. Born from a union of mental well-being and the entrepreneurial spirit of relentless achievement, it serves as a guide on your path to success. To effectively bridge the gap between thought and action, one must develop a well-structured plan and diligently follow the steps that bring it to life. Embrace the power of INTENTION – for it is the driving force that shapes not only our thoughts, but also the actions that propel us towards our greatest aspirations.
About Glass Soldier

We are dedicated to the elimination of Sexual Assault in the Military.

We’re bringing positive lasting change for service members no matter where they are in the world by using data to focus our efforts on support, prevention, and elimination.

Hosted by Dr. Diandra Poe, Duty-Bound taps into the issues and topics that matter to service members around the world and provides a unique perspective on how we can prevent and eliminate sexual assault among our ranks.

My Story

Dr. Diandra Poe

My name is Diandra Poe, I am a veteran, military wife, mother, and servant leader. I answered the call to serve my country when I was 31 years old. I arrived at my first duty station in December 2011 and within 90 days was assaulted in my home by another service member. While justice was served, it was not swift and without cost. My career hung in the balance and the retaliation and toll of the event, played a major role in me ending my profession as an officer before I wanted to. The one thing this tragedy did provide, was a clear path to healing and helping my battles. 

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Give Service Members' Therapy

Support survivors with independent therapist

Believe Survivors

Survivors of sexual assault deserve to be heard, supported, and believed. If you agree, listen to them.


Demand transparent data

Did you know right now only 4 entities have access to all information as it pertains to military personnel and sexual assault?  


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We are seeking passionate people to join our  Board of Directors and Volunteer teams.

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FT Sam Houston

Dr. Diandra Poe, CEO of Glass Soldier and ACT2END, spoke to the dynamic group of SARCs and VAs from the southern region of the U.S.

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FT Sill (75th FA)

Today Dr. Diandra Poe, the founder and CEO of Glass Soldier, spoke to and inspired 2-4 FAR and other Battalions of 75th Field Artillery Brigade.

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Medgar Evers College

Dr. Diandra Poe had the honor of sitting on a panel at the 15th Annual Social Work Conference at the Medgar Evers College. During the

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O.P. VetFest

Come out for our marquee event, O.P. VETFEST! There will be Veteran Owned Businesses showcasing and selling their products, Veteran Service Organizations representing their services

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