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We know that our veterans are not getting the support they need from leadership. We Know That The powers that be do not want us peaking behind the curtain and seeing what is truly impacting mission.

Service members are being systematically suppressed and disenfranchised from reporting and seeking the justice they deserve. We are fighting to change that and make reporting fair – for all veterans. But we can’t do it alone.

Chip in to be a part of our movement to end sexual violence and harassment in the US armed forces. Our service members depends on it.

Measure Your Impact

 $35 = Provides materials for 1 care kit

 $50 = Provides 1 hour therapy session

 $115 = Provides materials for 1 care kits + 1 hour therapy session

 $230 = Provides materials for 2 care kits + 2 hour therapy session

 $460 = Provides materials for 4 care kits + 4 hour therapy session

Glass Soldier, is a 501 (C)3 nonprofit organization

Donations to Glass Soldier Are tax deductible. EIN: 85-2521060
Address | 1401 Lavaca Street #241, Austin, TX 78701

Workplace Giving

Your employer and coworkers can join you in ending sexual assault in the military.

Donate in their Honor

What do you get a special person who has everything? Give a donation in their honor that helps service members in need.

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We works toward a world where the rights and dignity of all communities.