Wear Teal!

On November 11, 2021 we are asking people across the country to come together to Wear Teal to honor victims and survivors of sexual assault in the military and call attention to this crisis that impacts more than 21 service members every single day

Why Teal?

Teal has become the signature color for sexual assault awareness and wearing a teal ribbon symbolizes supporting survivors of sexual violence. These ribbons are meant to create conversations about how we can create a safer community.

What is military sexual trauma (MST)?

MST refers to a service member’s experience with sexual assault or sexual harassment occurring at any point during his or her military service. The following are all examples of MST:

  • Forced or coerced sexual encounters
  • Sexual encounters perpetrated while a person is unwilling or unable to give consent
  • Inappropriate sexual jokes or lewd remarks
  • Unwanted physical contact that makes you uncomfortable
  • Repeated sexual advances
  • Offers of something in exchange for sexual favors 

organizations committed to ending military sexual violence


we wear Teal to fight for a future where service members are safe in and out of uniform.

My name is Diandra Poe, I am a veteran, military wife, mother, and servant leader. I answered the call to serve my country when I was 31 years old. I arrived at my first duty station in December 2011 and within 90 days was assaulted in my home by another service member. While justice was served, it was not swift and without cost. My career hung in the balance and the retaliation and toll of the event, played a major role in me ending my profession as an officer before I wanted to. The one thing this tragedy did provide, was a clear path to healing and helping my battles.

volunteer with us

Join the Glass Soldier Volunteer team and help us make calls, send emails, and stop by organizations to ask them for their participation in this years Veterans Day Wear Teal Campaign! We can use all the help

buy teal

Ending sex based violence in the military is going to take all of us—support the mission of Glass Soldier by purchasing and wearing Wear Teal gear.