Powerful Red Table Talk

Click Here: https://fb.watch/1pSvP7xIwo/ Trigger warning: This content contains talk about sexual violence, please watch at your own discretion. If you need assistance with thoughts or triggers, please see our helpful links. The pain that is felt when death comes to deliver its sting, is never something we are prepared for. Even as Soldiers, we train […]

Are there other ways of influencing public discourse?

Are there other ways of influencing public discourse? We all have seen how the power of social media can be used for harm and good. But there are many forms of medium that can be used to influence how we feel/deal/change public issues that are important to us. Art, music, news, print, television and movies; […]

“International blogs, sexual assault”

A quick search of “international blogs, sexual assault” ended in disappointment. Not only is this not a thing, but it also yielded mostly American blog post, that had few blurbs about it. The goal was to connect with an international blogger who may be addressing, talking or tackling the issue within their community. I undoubtedly […]