Dr. Diandra Poe — President, Glass Soldier

Dr. Diandra Poe has been a noteworthy leader in the sexual assault and advocacy space.

Dr. Poe is a servant leader championing the causes of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment prevention and education. She has a background in counseling, psychoeducation, and psychotherapy.

Serving her country first as a spouse and leader in the Family Readiness Group area, Dr. Poe joined to better understand how to view life through the lens of a servicemember and continue to serve her country. She spent time in organizations of diverse cultures and ethnicity. Her lifetime work of advocacy continued after she left service. In college, she volunteered with local organization in and around the Dallas Fort Worth area. A survivor herself, Dr. Poe has taken her story to leaders and future generations. She is the voice of the Glass Soldier podcast. She has been a featured guest on Never Alone, HUSH No More, Vet w/ a mic and on local radio stations here in D.C, Baltimore, Virginia area.

She founded Glass Soldier in 2020, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating sexual assault and harassment from the military force. With their core values being accountability, collaboration and transparency. She takes the Glass Soldier mission to future leaders, leaders and key decision makers for implementable change.

Glass Soldier’s initial work was the development of a new reporting mechanism. Centered around creating and developing skills and knowledge of tech to combine social innovation for a real solution. The Dr. Diandra Poe Impact Center, opened on 18 DEC 2021 in order to provide a space for further research, resources for service members and other local nonprofits to collaborate. She is a strong advocate and therapist for at-risk and confirmed survivors of human trafficking with a faith-based nonprofit in Baltimore, Maryland. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Bowie State University, a master’s degree in Social Work from University of Texas in Arlington, and a Doctor of Social Work from The University of Southern California.

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Signs, stigma and
delayed symptoms. Honest 60 minute discussion on how to
lead those who have diagnosed and undiagnosed trauma.

Professional Boundaries and Leadership

Healthy 60 minute
discussion around
customs and
courtesies, how to set
healthy professional

Implementation of IRC recommendations

60 minute presentation on the new recommendations, pain points for leaders, how to implement now.

Cultural Norms and schema

60 minute innovative presentation on the difference in norms, moral compass and character shape outcomes/

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