Are there other ways of influencing public discourse?

Are there other ways of influencing public discourse?

We all have seen how the power of social media can be used for harm and good. But there are many forms of medium that can be used to influence how we feel/deal/change public issues that are important to us.

Art, music, news, print, television and movies; all play big role in how we see the world. They help us to change our minds or to stay the course. They give us a peak inside the heart or mind of the author/writer/speaker.

When it comes to the government, there is really only a few ways to change discourse. That is to vote. While I agree that there is no perfect candidate, there are people who will stand for human decency, champion change for the good of the world and speak to people at a level that inspires.

All of these areas need to be expressed and talked about. While a lot of us are thinking of innovating ways to change the world, most are thinking of policy changes. How do we get policies changed? We either run for the offices that can change them or we put people in office who will agree with our new innovative policies.

Some of us are thinking about technology. Which is great, because our world is so connected today. That too requires talking with people who can fund that type of change.

More than anything, the world needs to see that change is possible in many ways.

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