“International blogs, sexual assault”

A quick search of “international blogs, sexual assault” ended in disappointment. Not only is this not a thing, but it also yielded mostly American blog post, that had few blurbs about it. The goal was to connect with an international blogger who may be addressing, talking or tackling the issue within their community. I undoubtedly believe there is such a person out there….and I was also a firm believer that google could (and sometimes does) know everything. Perhaps it is my search skills. Let’s move on.

I did not find a blogger focusing on sexual assault. I did not find a blogger focusing on military sexual assault. I did not find a blogger focusing on using technology to end sexual assault. What I did find was a lot of blogs by well-established magazines focusing on moms, food, and apparently cats.

Sexual assault issues are a global issue. Sexual violence toward women is not a new phenom. The U.N  estimates that nearly 35 percent of women globally have been physically or sexually assaulted (https://www.unwomen.org/en/what-we-do/ending-violence-against-women/facts-and-figures). In Iraq, they are attempting to repeal an article that allows a rapist to marry their victims, to avoid prosecution (https://www.equalitynow.org/iraq_stop_letting_rapists_go_free_repeal_article_398). 

To think that this is a modern law was not lost to me as I thought, it is the 21st century, correct? As I continue to learn more and more about sexual violence and all the intersectionalities of women and violence, I also remain focused on solving this issue. How our country is handling this issue against other countries. For now, this is my foxhole. I will guard it against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

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